All About Essary’s Green Acres

Layman and Judy raise high quality fullblood Boer goats on their farm in the Missouri Ozarks. Layman, a cattle dairyman, retired from dairying and turned to raising Boer goats nearly two decades ago. Due to generations of careful breeding and culling, he has developed a herd of around 150 large, well conformed, and colorful (primarily spotted) goats. Layman and Judy, (a retired elementary art school teacher), enjoy their goats tremendously which translates to a very well cared for herd of healthy, gentle goats. Though Layman and Judy have never been interested in showing goats, their goats are certainly show quality and many customers across the nation are purchasing them for that purpose and winning top awards with them. Even more importantly, Essary’s Green Acres Boer goats are representative of the best of what the breed is all about as demonstrated through pasture hardiness, rapid weight gain, and heavily muscled goats. Their varied colorations, many of them spotted or marbled, are a delight to look at—the veritable icing on the cake.

Where is Rogersville, Missouri?

7 miles east of Springfield,  Missouri
43 miles northeast of Branson, Missouri
185 miles (3 hours) southeast of Kansas City, Missouri
215 miles (3 1/2 hours) southwest of St. Louis, Missouri
A destination worth the trip no matter where you live if you are interested in buying high quality, affordably priced Boer goats!