Oct. 23, 2019: We are reducing the size of our herd prior to winter. We have lots of fabulous Boer does for sale, all ages, more than are listed on this website. Please visit our Facebook page, click here: Essary Boer Goats to see additional photos and videos. Contact Judy to let her know what you are looking for and she can give you an idea of availability and price.

We have top-quality does for sale. These girls are BIG and healthy. As they are sold their photos will be removed. This means goats featured below are still available. Because we love our goats dearly and care very much about their lives after they leave our farm, we do not sell just a single doe to a buyer. We do sell bucks as single entities–that’s a different situation–but we know does will acclimate to your farm much better if they move there with a goat buddy. So a minimum purchase of two does is required. But why stop at two? Two will make you happy, but buy three and your smile is broader, four and your soul soars, five and you’ll be the envy of the county! Oh, yeah, there’s that issue of money. But heck, you’ll make more of that. Does like these don’t come along every day. Don’t miss out on them!

Our does are offered in 2 different groupings. Does in Group One are yearling does individually priced as listed. Does in Group Two are older does that are priced inexpensively and offered with group discounts.

Group One does

Group Two does

Here is your opportunity to buy a starter herd of exceptional quality Boer does or expand your existing herd with top-of-the-line genetics. These are fabulous does we have kept for years due to having all the traits we look for in our goats—excellent conformation, generations of color/spots behind them, successful mothers, easy keepers. But we have to downsize—we have too many goats for our acreage and we are getting older every day. We need to cut numbers and workload so we are offering up does we wish we could keep. That said, if they don’t sell we will definitely be breeding them this fall as they are in excellent health and we expect them all to kid successfully. To encourage sales we are offering group discounts on Group Two does.

Purchase 1 – 2 does in Group Two—no discount
Purchase 3 – 4 does in Group Two—5% discount of total price
Purchase 5 or more does in Group Two—10% discount of total price

Our goats are all Boer–we have no crossbred goats. The percentage listed under each photo refers to the does registration percentage.