We have a marvelous selection of well conformed yearling Boer bucks for sale. Photos on this page are removed as bucks are sold, so what you see here are bucks still available. These boys are sold with application to register them as fullbloods (100%). These photos were taken July, 2020. Additional photos and videos are available upon request.

These bucks are yearlings having been born March-April 2019. They are BIG boys weighing 180-200 pounds. They are sired either by Fifty-Fifty or Rodeo (see their photos on our reference page). If you want a buck that can breed your does this fall, is big boned, tall and well conformed because he has generations of this breeding behind him, has beautiful color with generations of spots behind him PLUS is affordable–there is nowhere else you need to look than right here at Essary’s Green Acres, Rogersville, Missouri (7 miles east of Springfield, Missouri).