We have a marvelous selection of Boer bucks from which to choose. We have yearlings and mature 2-year old bucks available. Photos are posted below and videos are available upon request. Photos are removed as bucks are sold so what you see here are what bucks are available.

The first boys listed here are our mature 2-year old bucks. These are BIG boys, weighing 200+ pounds. The photos absolutely do not show how large these bucks are. Bring a trailer or a large goat tote if interested in a yearling as they won’t fit in a small tote. The yearlings are all sired by our big black and white spotted Boer buck Fifty-Fifty. Many of their dams are spotted. If you like spots, these boys are likely to throw them, even if they themselves are solid colored. However, even more importantly, these bucks have great conformation. That always has to come before color. Sire and most of the dams are on our farm for you to see. These photos were taken May 2019.

Pictured below are our yearling bucks born between February and April, 2019. They are sold with application to register them as fullbloods. Some are sired by SHA3 Fifty-Fifty, some by HERM Rodeo’s 8 Second Ride. (See these 2 herdsires on our reference page.) Spots and big boned conformation run deep through the generations on both the sire and dam sides of these bucklings’ pedigrees. Current prices (January 2020) run from $600 to $900. These prices will increase as the bucks mature so now is the time to buy an incredible buck at a very affordable price.

Our best advice to you if you are interested in a buck is to come out to our farm and see them in person. We can send you photos, information, and videos but your best option is to put your goat cage in your truck, make the drive, come and stand amid these incredible bucks, select one (or more!), take him home and put him to work. However, if you live at a great distance away, we will help you select the best buck that fits your qualifications and budget and transportation can be arranged. These photos were taken December 2019. At this time the bucks are weighing a bit over 100 pounds. As bucks are sold photos are deleted, keeping this page up-to-date.